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Speed Knitting

So, I’m not terribly interested in speed knitting, mostly because I deal with repetitive motion injuries on a fairly regular basis as it is. After reading a couple articles on increasing your speed, I’ve learned that it’s more about ergonomics that simply stressing your joints. I think it’s still a little early for me to attempt, but these articles have made me reconsider my interest in the subject.

Stephanie Mason Design put together a nice blog post lightly exploring the different techniques for faster knitting and she brings them down to four points. They are nice and short, but the post originally included videos which appear to have been changed to private at some point and are no longer viewable, which is disappointing. Nonetheless, I still think the article is worth a read.


From Stephanie’s blog, I was linked to another blog named Sweet Georgia. This post also covers speed knitting and actually includes videos. I’ll admit, I’m a little overwhelmed by the techniqes, but it’s something I’m going to save for later when my life isn’t quite as hectic.

Knitting for Speed & Efficiency