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Inside Out Patterns


Doll (2   3     5   6   7   8   9)





Doll (2  3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10   11)

Luggage Tag




Doll (  3    5)

Luggage Tag


Doll (2  3   5   6)



Doll(2   3   4)



Doll (2    4  5)





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Finished Object: Teddy Bear

Alright, so since I missed a post last week, I figured I would do a double post today. This is my first ever knitted teddy bear.

He has some problems, misaligned ears, head on crooked, and one of his limbs is smaller than the others. That being said, I’m actually quite happy with how he turned out. What do you think?

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Finished Object: Alternating Oblong Moss Block Scarf

I finished another scarf! I hate it, the color, the stitch, the many mistakes, but it’s done! Too bad it’s hard to see the stitching the second photo:

I hate it for several reasons. I don’t like the color, but it was stash yarn, so there you go. It curls in a lot and it’s hard to see the stitching too. Finally, overall, I just think it’s ugly. However, I finished it and was able to get through a giant skein of yarn I had!

This is the stitch pattern I used:

This pattern can be adapted to circular knitting by knitting all the even numbered rows.
Repeat Rows 1 – 20
Row # Side Begin Row Repeat Repeat From * End Row
1 R * k4, p2 * k4
2 W * purl *
3 R * k4, p2 * k4
4 W * purl *
5 R * k4, p2 * k4
6 W * purl *
7 R * k4, p2 * k4
8 W * purl *
9 R * k4, p2 * k4
10 W * purl *
11 R k1* p2, k4 * p2
12 W * purl *
13 R k1* p2, k4 * p2
14 W * purl *
15 R k1* p2, k4 * p2
16 W * purl *
17 R k1* p2, k4 * p2
18 W * purl *
19 R k1* p2, k4 * p2
20 W * purl *

This original link is here:

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A Bug’s Life Patterns

So….again, I’m shocked I couldn’t find anything for such a classic movie. I mean, it wasn’t Pixar’s best, but I thought for sure there was enough of a following to get some patterns from it. As always, if you find any patterns related to this movie, please let me know. I’ll update this post.