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Site Recommendation: Habitica

Okay, so I am a collector of websites. At one point I was trying to build a digital library out of it but have since lost my passion for that project. A lot of the websites, while free, weren’t great for actually learning or achieving anything. I didn’t want to exclude them, because my librarian heart just doesn’t like the idea of censoring anything and I just didn’t have the time to evaluate each and every website. So, instead, I’m going to post some recommendations here.

Habitica is more or less a digital planner with an RPG aspect to it. You put in habits you want to form, daily/weekly/monthly chores you need to complete, and your to-do list. Each of the tasks is assigned a value based on difficulty and with each task you complete, you get EXP and gold. Gold can be used to get in-app items, such as armor for your character, or you can put your own real-world rewards in and cash out once you’ve got enough gold.

There’s a variety of community options. Guilds allow you to connect with other users who share common interests, while parties and groups are smaller and often more locally based including people you know. There are also challenges that can span the entire website with a premium currency, gems, as a prize. There are also quests you can go on with your party which provides rewards when completed.

I’ve found it very useful and motivating to use. Some people don’t care much for the RPG aspect, so this may not be for you, but I think it’s worth a try if you need to get organized and like games.

If this sounds like something for you, you can sign up here:

The site is free, but there is a premium membership you can get later.