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Inside Out Patterns


Doll (2   3     5   6   7   8   9)





Doll (2  3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10   11)

Luggage Tag




Doll (  3    5)

Luggage Tag


Doll (2  3   5   6)



Doll(2   3   4)



Doll (2    4  5)





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Brave Patterns

I could only find patterns for Merida and the little black bears her brothers turn into. However, they are SUPER cute! Brave is one of my favorite Pixar movies. I do wish I could find a Mor’du or a King Fergus pattern, but otherwise, I like a lot of these patterns!

Merida Doll (2  3   4   5     7   8   9   10  11   12   13   14)

Merida Wig

Merida Baby Dress

Black Bear Doll  (2     4)

Paw Print Chart

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Classes Galore

Okay, as you know I subscribe to Bluprint and like writing reviews on it. Well, I recently found out that my library allows me to watch CreativeBug videos for free! I’m so excited. Also, during the month of April, Nikon allows people to watch all of their courses (10 in all) for free. AND I recently came across Aaron Blaise’s website (he’s a former Disney animator.) And he has a huge sale on his website. I was able to get 3 classes for $4. So I’ll be review those as well. I love having access to so much online learning!

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Rant Time: Am I Being Unreasonable?

Okay, so I live with my grandmother and my great aunt who are both in poor health. However, they refuse to do anything to improve their situation and smoke like chimneys; despite an agreement that they made with my mother and I to stop their smoking when we moved in to help care for them. Now we can’t move because of the money we spent renovating my grandmother’s home and are stuck with two people that smoke in the house and are undoing a lot of the work we did.

That’s kind of the background of the situation. Now for the context, my grandmother got me a llama knitting bag for Christmas. It’s my second knitting bag and I prefer it to my other one for every day use. It’s smaller than my first knitting bag and better suited for coming with me to work. My grandmother was going with my great aunt to the hospital for a routine procedure that my great aunt has done every 6 months or so to check something regarding one of her illnesses. It’s an all day thing, but it’s not really something to worry about or anything too serious.

My grandmother decided, without telling me or asking me, to take my bag. She dumped out the yarn, crochet hooks, scissors, and seam ripper I keep in that bag and put in her kindle (which she regularly takes into the bathroom with her) and a bunch of snotty tissues. I’ve had a hard time finding all my stuff again because she just dumped it all out and left. I’m pissed about it. I use this bag everyday for work. We also have a ton of nice cloth bags that my mother makes for every day use. They were LITERALLY RIGHT NEXT TO MY KNITTING BAG!!! I’m so irritated. Now I have to wash this thing before tomorrow (had something else to do today so I used a personal day) so that it doesn’t have hospital germs, snotty residue from the tissues, or that faint smell of cigarette smoke (yes she smoked at the hospital and kept her cigarettes in my fucking bag.) I’m really pissed about it. Am I being unreasonable or was this really rude?

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Ideas for Later in the Year

EDIT: I was originally going to post this on the 26th. However, in light of the closures due to the coronavirus, I currently have more free time on my hands right now and would love to get a jump start on blog posts for later in the year. The finished object post that was originally going to be posted today will be moved to the 26th.

I like to write a lot of my blog posts days to months in advance, mostly to help with times when my life gets busier than usual and to space out times when I’m really productive across a larger time span. So, going forward I will be considering ideas for the second half of 2020. Below is a list of ideas (some are just continuations of what I’m already doing, others are re-introductions of previous ideas, and others are new ideas. I’m really interested in hearing feedback and any suggestions you have. Please keep in mind that these ideas may not surface until August or September.

Idea List

Finished Objects

Site Recommendations

LVL Up Life

Local Shop Spotlights (locally owned craft and art supply shop posts with pictures and descriptions of my experience.)

My attempts at home improvement and home decorating.

Craft and Art Supply reviews

Pattern lists for Pixar and Pokemon

Bluprint Class Reviews

Personal Life Posts

Story time videos

Public Space Tour Videos

Progress Diary

History of (Insert hobby here)

Informational videos on animals and national parks

Challenge Posts

Skill Trees (Basically a checklist in tree format of the skills you need to progress in a craft/art/hobby)

Book Reviews

Videos of Events I attend

Opinion posts (eg rants)

Poi choreographies

Please vote in the poll below, there is also a place for you to put in your own suggestions!

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Hobbies (Active Edition)

So, I’m looking to get more active this summer. I’m not really one for teams, so I’m going to put a list here to help me as time gets closer.

Martial Arts

  • Kendo
  • Aikido
  • Karate
  • Iaido


Archery (Tried it before, but would like to try again)


Wind Surfing



  • Ballet
  • Jazz
  • Contemporary


Free Running

Cyr Wheeling



What active hobbies do you have? If you don’t have active hobbies, what do you do to stay active?

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Money Accountability

Okay, so I did really well in January by not spending frivolously. I bought a book to support a local artist, but I don’t count that much because it wasn’t so much an impulse to spend as I simply wanted to support someone’s endeavors.

February….didn’t go as well. I bought a year subscription to Habitica and I decided to pay my Bluprint subscription on an annual basis which took more money out of my account that it would normally.  There was also more impulse shopping. I bought leaf ear wings, which I LOVE but that was $25 I didn’t need to spend. I also bought a Daniel Smith watercolor starter set and paintbrushes to do the Bluprint watercolor start-up library, despite having lower quality, but still usable watercolors and brushes at home. I also bought a candle from bath and body works…I slightly feel defensive about it though because the family members I live with haven’t been keeping to our agreement and are smoking a lot in the house without opening any windows. I can’t sleep if it smells like smoke in my room, so I bought a candle to help with it, since I burned through the ones I made.  I treated my family to lunch too, but still feel like that is defend-able, simply because it was my turn and I partook when they bought lunch for me. Finally, there was a Saturday that my mother and I chose to go on an adventure and go to different craft/art shops. I basically spent a ton of money on this outing. I got some really cool stuff that will show up in later posts, but it wasn’t a smart decision financially.

Anyway, yeah, I’m not proud of how I did in February. March is here though and I’m determined to do better. June is a month that has a lot of things that I’m budgeting for and I want to make sure I have the money for it!

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Hobby List

So, this isn’t necessarily a blog post that’s going to be super useful to anyone but myself. I have a big habit of jumping between hobbies on a regular basis and at least once a year, I look for something I haven’t tried before. This is going to be a list a regularly update and may be made into its own page on this blog. It’s going to be here to help me when I’m in a slump and looking for something new. I don’t make a distinction between hobbies I can do on my own and ones best suited to start with a class. It’s just a list with hobby ideas or reminders of things I haven’t tried in my current hobbies. Subjects in bold are hobbies that I’ve tried before.

  1. Embroidery
      • Blackwork Embroidery
      • Cross Stitch Embroidery
      • Huck Embroidery
      • Crewel Embroidery
    1. Openwork
      • Pulled Threadwork
      • Drawn Threadwork
      • Hardanger
      • Cutwork
    2. Smocking
    3. Machine Embroidery
  2. NeedlePoint
  3. Applique
  4. Patchwork
  5. Quilting
  6. Knitting
      • Cables
      • Brioche
      • Interlac
  7. Crochet
      • Amigurumi
  8. Lacework
      • Tatting
      • Filet Netting
      • Bobbin Lace
      • Lace weaves
      • Hairpin Lace
  9. Macrame
  10. Rug-Making
      • Hooking and Knotting
      • Braiding
  11. Leatherworking
  12. Decoupage
  13. Candlemaking
      • Candle Carving
  14. Paper-mache
  15. Basketry
  16. Spinning and dyeing
  17. Weaving
  18. Batik and tie-dyeing
  19. Stained Glass
  20. String Art
  21. Origami
  22. Pottery
  23. Modeling, moldmaking, and casting sculpture
  24. Drawing
  25. Painting
      • Watercolor
      • Acrylic
      • Oils
  26. Printmaking
  27. Printing on Fabric
  28. Stenciling
  29. Collage
  30. Wood Sculpture
  31. Metalworking
  32. Indoor Gardening
      • Hydroponics
  33. Drying and preserving Flowers
  34. Mosaics
  35. Lapidary
  36. Jewelry
  37. Enameling
  38. Woodworking
  39. Picture Framing
  40. Canning and Pickleing
  41. Baking
  42. Winemaking
  43. Restoring Furniture
  44. Bookbinding