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Knitting Quest #2 Results

Here is my finished infinity scarf!



I’m very happy with how it turned out! Sorry for the late post. I managed to give myself a second degree burn and have been out of commission for two weeks. I think I’ll take a break from the knitting quests. I realized recently that I can submit 12 items to my county fair for open class competition and now I’m really excited to make some stuff to submit. So I think that’s what I’m going to focus on for a little while. I’m not giving up on these though! I really like revisiting techniques and learning new ones!

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South Park Crochet

South Park isn’t to everyone’s taste, but nonetheless, I find the series to be fun brainless television. It can be crass and down right offensive, but still fun.

Here are the patterns!

Stan (Option 2   3   4   5   6  7   8   9   10  11  12  13 )

Kyle (Option 2   3   4  5  6  7   8  9 10  11)

Cartman (Option 2   3   4   5  6   7   8 9  10  11 12)

Kenny (Option 2   3   4   5   6   7  8  9  10  11  12)

Ike (Option 2)

Butters (Option 2  3 4)










Mr. Hankey

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Mario Crochet/Knit List

Time for a pattern post dedicated to everyone’s favorite plumber and all of his friends! Plus, some enemies thrown in for good measure.

Mario (Option 2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14   15 16 17 18  19  20 21  22  23  24 25 26  27  28  29)

Mario in a Frog Suit

Luigi (Option 2  3   4   5   6   7  8   9)


Dr. Mario

Tanuki Mario  (Option 2   3)

Yoshi (Option 2   3   4   5   6   7   )


King Boo  (Option 2  3   4   5   )

Shy Guy (Option 2)

Yoshi Egg

Star (Option 2   3   4   5   )

Harriet Broodal

Diddy Kong

Mushroom (Option 2   3  4   5  6  7    8   9 10 11   12  13   14   15   16   17   18  19  20   21  22  23)

Goomba (Option 2  3   4  5  6 7)

Luma (Option 2   3   4   5   6 )


Baby Bowser (Option 2)

Peach (Option 2   3   4   5)


Toad   (Option 2 3  4   5   6   7)

Toadette  (Option 2   3)

Bowser Backpack

Mario’s Hat (Option 2   3   4   5)


Koopa (Option 2   3   4 )

Flaptor (Option 2 )


Mario Pillow

Bomb omb (Option 2 3   4   5   6  7   8   9   10   11)

Fire Flower  (Option 2   3  )

Ice Flower

Pea Shooter


Blooper (Option 2)

Cheep Cheep  (Option 2)


Chomp  (Option 2)

Piranha Plant (Option 2   3   4)

Piranha Plant Scarf

Petey Piranha

Bullet Bill (Option 2   3   4 )

Mario Kart Shell  (Option 2  )

Turnip (Option 2 )

Double Cherry (Option 2)

Penguin (Option 2)

Mario Mitts  (Option 2)

Mushroom Hat  (Option 2   )

? Box

? Bag

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Knitting Challenge #1

Okay, this is meant to be a mini challenge. Something the whet the appetite for knitting and getting focused. So, there are only 5 tasks. I’m hoping to make more challenges later.

1. Take inventory of your stash.

The goal is to know what you have and what you need. You can take inventory in a meticulous way, with spreadsheets and detailed descriptions, or you can simply take pictures. The goal is to know exactly what you have.

2. Perform stretches for carpal tunnel, tendonitis, and De Quervain’s syndrome every day for two weeks.

These are the most common repetitive injuries for knitters. Performing stretches every day will help prevent strain on your hands, wrists, and arms so you won’t have to stop knitting.

3. Finish an abandoned project.

Have a project that you left unfinished? Now’s the time to finish it!

4. Using the yarn in your stash, decide on your next project.

It’s time to work through some of your stash. This can be a small project or a large project, but you MUST use yarn from your stash!

5. Make a sample square of a pattern you’ve never done before.

I have a huge challenge in mind much later. This is a little taste of it. It’s all about learning something new and rediscovering the fun and excitement of when you first started knitting.


So, what do you think? Is there anything you think should be included? Let me know!

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Finished Project: Johnny Slouch

I finished it!

It didn’t turn out too bad and all of the measurements are exactly what they are supposed to be! For my first ever hat and first time ever knitting in the round, I’m quite happy with it. There weren’t any further mistakes (at least as far as I can tell) and I think it turned out all right, what do you think, dear reader?

My gauge ended up being on point, but I want to advise everyone that, while it’s a nice hat, it fits loosely. Just a quick heads up for those that like a tighter fitting hat, I would recommend starting with a smaller needle until you finish the brim, then switching to the appropriate gauged needle afterward.

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Midway Point Check-in: Johnny Slouch

I’m about halfway done already! Here’s what it looks like so far!


It’s not great, and I have some gaping holes from where I messed up.


BUT! I’ve learned a lot! I’ve learned that knitting in a round is a little more difficult than knitting flat, in that there is a tug on the needles that I’m not used to. I’ve learned to compensate for it some. I also learned that if there are only a few rows in between color changes, it’s best to let the yarn hang and pick it up again; rather than tying it off every time. I’ve also learned that my purling isn’t as consistent as my knitting, so that’s something I’m hoping to practice a bit more and get better at. If anyone has any tips for knitting hats, please let me know!