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Finished Object/ Optional Knit Quest: Alternating Garter Ridges Scarf

I’m making this an optional retroactive knit quest. I found this website called Knitting Fool ( that has a bunch of k/p only stitches. So I want to work my way through some of them. You can find the pattern for this scarf here (I cast-on 37 stitches for my scarf:

Since we didn’t go over how to alternate stitches in previous quests, I’m going to leave a video here to show you how:


This is what my finished scarf looks like. I made a lot of mistakes, but still overall, I’m satisfied.


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Knitting Quest #2 Results

Here is my finished infinity scarf!



I’m very happy with how it turned out! Sorry for the late post. I managed to give myself a second degree burn and have been out of commission for two weeks. I think I’ll take a break from the knitting quests. I realized recently that I can submit 12 items to my county fair for open class competition and now I’m really excited to make some stuff to submit. So I think that’s what I’m going to focus on for a little while. I’m not giving up on these though! I really like revisiting techniques and learning new ones!

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Knitting Quest #2 Infinity Scarf

Welcome to Quest #2! We will be making an infinity scarf with…..the garter stitch again. Things will get more interesting later, I promise. Anyway, this is another and needles and yarn goes, but I’ll be giving instructions based on my knitting habits.

I have a Caron Cake and size 9 needles.

First, you will need to perform the e-loop cast-on and cast on 33 stitches.

Next, using your preferred knitting method, you will learn the purl stitch.

The bind-off is the same as the last project, but you are going to use your loose ends to join the cast-on and bind-off ends.

And that’s it! I’ll see you at the end of the month!

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Knitting Quest #1 English Knitting Garter Scarf

So, to kick things off with this quest, we are going to do the first of several scarves we will do on this quest (followed by blankets later.)We are going to knit a scarf using English knitting method. Even if you regularly use Continental style, you MUST use English for this quest. Don’t worry, you’ll get an easy Continental quest next month.

The first thing you’ll need is a scarfie skein of yarn:

I like this yarn because it’s exactly how much you need for a nice scarf. If you’ve knitted before and know how to join yarns, feel free to use whatever your preferred yarn is.

If you are using the scarfie yarn, use size 8/9/10 needles, depending on if you knit tightly or loosely. If you are new, use size 9 needles, as this is the suggested needle size.

I will be including videos with my instructions, please know these are not my videos, they are just ones that I think provide a good tutorial for free.

Okay, we’re ready to go! Remember, the cast-on instructions are based on the scarfie yarn!

Step 1: Cast-on 30 stitches using a knitted cast-on method.

Next, you will knit your scarf in the English style:

When you’re reaching the end of your scarf (about 3 yards of yarn left). You will do a Basic Knit Bind-off:

All right! I’ll see you at the end of the month!

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Not a Master Knitter, but a Knitting Quest?

So, I’ve decided not to pursue the Master Knitters program through the Knitting Guild of America. I also decided not to finish the Basic Basic Basics course I paid for. I submitted my first round of swatches way back in January, I sent them in and recieved feedback and the next packet within the same month. My critques were seven pages long. I want to be clear, I’m not saying it was wrong of the person to give me all of these critiques. I told them I wanted to take part in the Master Knitter’s program and they gave me feedback accordingly. I just didn’t realize how hardcore it was. I realized after about a month, I wasn’t knitting anymore because I let the critiques overwhelmed me. Ultimately, I realized that knitting is my way to relax. Pursuing perfection is only serving to kill the joy of it for me. So, I’m not going to take part in it anymore.

That being said, I did enjoy one aspect of the course, I learned so many new techniques with only step one. I want to continue building skills and learning techniques, just in my own way. So, starting next month, I think I’m going to start something I’m calling Knitting Quest. I will have a few skills and a project to make for the month. I’d love it if anyone wants to join me. The first few month are going to focus on English and Continental knit stitch, meaning a whole lot of garter. Following that, it will be the same with purling. So it’s going to be a slow process. The goal for me is simply to get used to working stitches in a variety of ways before moving on with other things. It’s meant to be a long-term project. I hope you’ll join me!