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Nikon Class: Photographing Kids and Pets

This was a rather disappointing class for me. I like photographing animals, so I was really interested in this class and learning about how to get pets to cooperate. Mostly, this class was about taking pictures of kids, how to communicate with kids and how to work around kids. Even the parts relating to pets were more about how to photograph pets as they relate to kids, as in, bringing pets into a shoot for kids; how the pets and kids work together in the photograph, etc. Needless to say, there wasn’t a whole lot for me here.

If you are interested in photographing kids, this is a good class. It does assume some level of knowledge about your camera though. You should already know how to change shutter speed, ISO, and aperture. There are great tips for how to work with kids that don’t want to be there or kids that are shy. The class also goes into what to do if you’re not able to communicate with a child well enough to get the shot you want and how to get around that barrier. Overall, it’s a great beginner-intermediate level class for people who want to get into child portraiture. If you’re interested in pets, look elsewhere.

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LVL Up Life: Cook a Meal for Your Parents or Other Family Members

I do this on a semi-regular basis. Last night I made sauteed chicken with a pear and gorgonzola salad with some crescent rolls on the side. My mom and sister liked it, my grandmother and aunt refused to eat it because they said they were tired of chicken and don’t like vegetables. So….yeah whatever. I’m glad my mom and sister liked it though.

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Nikon Class: Discovering Macro Photography

Well…I’m in trouble. This was a really well put together class. The host, Joey Terrill, explains all of the basics of macro photography. From how to work with lighting , to how to create an organic looking marco shot in nature. Later he goes into how to construct a good macro picture with found objects. It was an entirely new look at photography for me and it looks really interesting. The downside? Macro photography requires its own lens. Why must it look so interesting? Anyway, I really felt like this was a good look at the basics of macro photography and it’s definitely worth a watch.

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Nikon Class: Getting Started with your Nikon DSLR

This class is only 15 minutes long and honestly it comes across as a bit more of a promotional video. It goes lightning fast through the different features of Nikon DSLRs and gives a very basic crash course in photography and videography. The class ends with promotions of additional accessories and lenses you can get for the DSLR. You really don’t learn much, this kind of seems like a video they would send you after you register your camera or something. I don’t know if they regularly charge for this video, but don’t waste your money if they do.

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Nikon Class: Exploring Dynamic Landscape Photography

This was a fantastic class! I really enjoyed seeing the various pictures based on different times of day and weather. There were also some examples of playing with white balance, shutter speed, and aperture. The host, Taylor glen, also went through some compositional instruction. I think what I liked most is that the series didn’t push real hard on additional equipment. Only 2-3 lenses, 2 filters (neutral density and a polarizer, and 2 accessories (tripod and lens brush) were shown. There were examples of different camera settings and in general, I felt like a got a good understanding of how to create stunning and creative landscape photos.

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Nikon Class Review: Creator’s Mindset: Creating Video Content with Z 50

This is a 15 minute class by Nikon. In all honesty, it really comes across as a bit of an ad. There’s something about the host, Kitty Peters, repeating the name of the camera over and over that gives it a distinct sales pitch vibe. That’s not to say it is devoid of information. There are some tips on how to use the camera and ways to get interesting shots, but they are glossed over in favor of talking about features specific to the Z 50. It’s only 15 minutes, do there’s not much else to say about it.