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A Bug’s Life Patterns

So….again, I’m shocked I couldn’t find anything for such a classic movie. I mean, it wasn’t Pixar’s best, but I thought for sure there was enough of a following to get some patterns from it. As always, if you find any patterns related to this movie, please let me know. I’ll update this post.

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Hobby List

So, this isn’t necessarily a blog post that’s going to be super useful to anyone but myself. I have a big habit of jumping between hobbies on a regular basis and at least once a year, I look for something I haven’t tried before. This is going to be a list a regularly update and may be made into its own page on this blog. It’s going to be here to help me when I’m in a slump and looking for something new. I don’t make a distinction between hobbies I can do on my own and ones best suited to start with a class. It’s just a list with hobby ideas or reminders of things I haven’t tried in my current hobbies. Subjects in bold are hobbies that I’ve tried before.

  1. Embroidery
      • Blackwork Embroidery
      • Cross Stitch Embroidery
      • Huck Embroidery
      • Crewel Embroidery
    1. Openwork
      • Pulled Threadwork
      • Drawn Threadwork
      • Hardanger
      • Cutwork
    2. Smocking
    3. Machine Embroidery
  2. NeedlePoint
  3. Applique
  4. Patchwork
  5. Quilting
  6. Knitting
      • Cables
      • Brioche
      • Interlac
  7. Crochet
      • Amigurumi
  8. Lacework
      • Tatting
      • Filet Netting
      • Bobbin Lace
      • Lace weaves
      • Hairpin Lace
  9. Macrame
  10. Rug-Making
      • Hooking and Knotting
      • Braiding
  11. Leatherworking
  12. Decoupage
  13. Candlemaking
      • Candle Carving
  14. Paper-mache
  15. Basketry
  16. Spinning and dyeing
  17. Weaving
  18. Batik and tie-dyeing
  19. Stained Glass
  20. String Art
  21. Origami
  22. Pottery
  23. Modeling, moldmaking, and casting sculpture
  24. Drawing
  25. Painting
      • Watercolor
      • Acrylic
      • Oils
  26. Printmaking
  27. Printing on Fabric
  28. Stenciling
  29. Collage
  30. Wood Sculpture
  31. Metalworking
  32. Indoor Gardening
      • Hydroponics
  33. Drying and preserving Flowers
  34. Mosaics
  35. Lapidary
  36. Jewelry
  37. Enameling
  38. Woodworking
  39. Picture Framing
  40. Canning and Pickleing
  41. Baking
  42. Winemaking
  43. Restoring Furniture
  44. Bookbinding


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Finished Object: Watercolor Kingfisher

So, I recently went to this little class put on by Molly Hashimoto, author of Birds of the West. I had so much fun. She gave us kind of a run down on how to paint birds and she was such a nice woman. We used her paintings as a reference. She wanted to see everyone’s work at the end too. Since I had such a good time, I decided to buy her book to support her and she paid the tax for me! Tax in my state is about 10% so it was REALLY nice of her to do that for me. She signed it too. Truly a lovely woman and I learned all about the artistic process. My bird isn’t great, but for my first attempt I’m really happy with it.


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Level Up Life: Read at Least One Chapter of a Book

So, I’m finally getting around to reading The Testaments. I just finished chapter 4, it’s clear that one of the women speaking is Hannah, one is obviously Aunt Lydia. I wonder who the third will be. So far, I’m really liking it. I like the more complex look at this horrid system. It’s interesting to hear from Hannah about the things she found good in the system. What is kind of a shocker is read Aunt Lydia writing a journal. It’s just so out of character. I guess this book does take place 15 years after the end of the original. Maybe she’s mellowed some and can see the flaws in the system. It’s hard to say.

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Bluprint Class Review: 7 Days of Drawing

Another non-pro-con-format review. At this point I’m not sure which is the more common format. Anyway, this class is hosted by Patricia Watwood. The class frames drawing more in a self-care position and focuses on ways to keep you inspired and motivated. There’s a heavy emphasis on creating time to draw as a form of you time and how to draw from your everyday life. It’s not a bad message, but it loses me with the activity they give you in each video. It shows what she’s drawing, but we never see more than a flash of the actual subject. It appears like we are supposed to follow her, but she’s moving to fast for any beginner (which this class is geared towards) to follow along. The class ends up feeling like a motivational youtube channel with a draw-with-me aspect, rather than an actual lesson. This isn’t as bad as the last class, but I think it’s seated firmly in the good-idea-bad-execution box. Certainly, I don’t think it’s worth $30.

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Toy Story Pattern List

All right, we’ve gone through Disney, now it’s time to work our way through Pixar! We’re kicking off our list with Toy Story. I will be doing all four movies separately, so characters like Jessie and Forky won’t show up until later lists.


Doll (1  2  3   4 )


Doll Clothes


Buzz Lightyear

Doll  (2  3   4   5   6    8   9 )

Hat (2   3 )





Bo Peep




Mr. Potato Head

Doll (2   3   4   5)


Slinky Dog







Doll (2 )


Green Aliens

Doll  (2   3   4    5    6    7    8    9    10)

Hat  (2  3)

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Site Recommendation: Kitestring

So, in the interest of full disclosure, I have not actually used this site or this product. I’ve just haven’t been in the position to have a need to use it yet. However, I think it is an important service and want to get the word out in case anyone who reads this is in a position where they need it. The site is called Kitestring and it’s a site/app that you can tell to check-up on you if you are meeting a stranger or going out at night. You tell it to check-up on you in so many minutes and it sends you a text. If you don’t respond to the text, it sends out texts to your emergency contacts to get in touch with you. I think it’s a great idea, especially for women and if you need this I think it’s worth trying it out. If you do use it or have used it, please post a comment below on your experience!