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Level Up Life: Spend the Day with Friends or Family

I went to a local street festival today with my mom and sister. It was rather small and there wasn’t really anything we wanted to buy, so I was able to convince them to check out a local nursery.
The nursery was amazing, I’m thinking of possibly posting a review sometime. I might even make a separate catalog on my site devoted to local hobby places. Anyway, the nursery was amazing, I got a venus fly trap. Afterwards, we got some lunch and stopped at the grocery store to get some ice cream. Overall a very nice day.
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Bluprint Class Review: Easy Flower Projects DIY

Another “class” that I will be using this atypical format. This class is so stupid! It’s clearly an import of Makeful, which I guessing is now owned by the parent company. Good lord, you think they would verify this stuff for quality! It’s about ten videos, all under a minute long. These are quick “hacks” that are super unappealing. Just a few to go down this list are:
1. A light bulb vase, in which you have to carefully deconstruct an incandescent light bulb, fill it with water, tie twine around it, and hang it on you wall. There is no suggestion for what to do with the rough glass opening. God forbid you accidentally break the glass.
2. Using old shoes as planters. They are ugly and reek of desperation for a cool “hack.”
3. A mason jar terrarium, which in itself isn’t a bad idea, but the FLORIST doesn’t know how to make one! She doesn’t put enough rocks at the bottom, then mixes them with the soil. She then throws some moss on it and takes a succulent out of a container, makes no attempt to actually incorporate it into the soil she put in there. She literally just sets the succulent, still shaped by it’s old pot, on top and says “ta da.” Horrible.
4. My favorite, and by favorite I mean the dumbest and ugliest. Someone takes a metal chair, removes the seat, paints it and plops a big ass planter in it. It looks stupid. It might actually work if done differently. I’ve seen similar things that looked nice, but the way they did it looks low effort and terrible.
So…yeah. Big no. Don’t waste the ten minutes watch it. Just no.
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Bluprint Class Review: Donut Delicious

This “class” is literally three minutes long. Both videos look like they came from Makeful and neither are very good. One is about making a donut wall….with actual donuts. It looks stupid. The other was about making floral donuts with candied flowers. I mean, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t particularly inspired. It kind of reminded me of those baking hacks you see on instagram. Seriously, what is Bluprint even doing? These things from Makeful are terrible.

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Bluprint Class Mini Review: Japanese Classics Teriyaki, Tempura and More

I couldn’t really get past the host, Elizabeth Andoh. There was something condescending I got from her. Perhaps that’s just me. As much as I love Japanese culture, I have an intolerance for most seafood and soy, which rules out about 90% of recipes. So that was another reason I struggled. If you love Japanese food, this might be up your alley, she does go into a lot of Japanese concepts and doing things the Japanese way. Also, not sure if this matters to you, but she is not Japanese. She married a Japanese man and has lived in Japan for several decades. I’m not saying that she doesn’t know her stuff, but something about a white woman acting as a expert on Japanese cooking just rubs me the wrong way. Also, that really was her only credential, well, that and writing a book, for her expertise in Japanese cuisine. There wasn’t any mention of formal training.

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Bluprint Class Review: Cooking the Perfect Steak

I won’t be following my regular format because I didn’t watch the entire class. The first video is good. Bruce Aidells is really knowledgeable about steaks and the first video really gets into a lot about the different cuts of beef and what they’re best for. The most of the other videos are recipes involving those different steaks and how they are best cooked. You have to be really into steak to enjoy this class. I got bored after the first couple of videos. Also, he strictly focuses on cooking steak medium rare. So you will need to do outside research to find out, using his methods, how to tell if your steak is cooked how you like it. It’s $40 and you get a lot of material for the price, but if you don’t LOVE steak then it’s probably best to use your bluprint unlimited or a youtube video.

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Level Up Life: Start a New Job

I started a new job roughly 3 months after leaving the DMV job and now I work for a school district near me. I really like my job, it can be trying some days, depending on which kids I’m working with, but it’s very rewarding. I’m once again in a library and I really feel like I’m learning a lot. I may even go for a teaching certificate, if I can get a scholarship from my union. Overall, I think my new job is a much better fit for me and I’m grateful for it.

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Level Up Life: Quit a Job That You Were Unhappy With

I was working as a library page at a public library. I loved my coworkers and most of my work overall, but I could only get part-time hours and was making minimum wage. So, I applied to other jobs and got a job at the DMV. OMG I hated it. The people were plenty nice (except one coworker who was rude af.) Working with the public in that capacity was draining and I spent most of my days staring at grey walls. It was the first time I felt like my soul was dying in a job. To add to that, all of the desk chairs were broken in some capacity, there were no anti-fatigue mats to stand on, and the heat was constantly broken in the break room…in the middle of winter. I stayed there only 3 weeks.
I would have stayed there longer, but the state was about to pay for my training which included using a state car, staying in a hotel about 5 hours away, and meals. I already knew I didn’t want to stay there and was looking for a new job. I decided to leave before any money was spent on me. My supervisor was super nice about it, honestly probably one of the nicest women I’ve ever known. I don’t regret leaving though.