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Bluprint Class Review: 25 Essential Grilling Techniques

This is a own-forever class, so if you don’t have bluprint unlimited, you can still buy and watch this. The class is hosted by Brendan Mcdermott and features essential skills for grilling.
I really enjoyed this class. All of the information is provided in a clean and concise way, the camera work is well done, and we can see everything clearly. Mcdermott is a cool sort of no-nonsense type of host, he gets right to the point. He focuses on common mistakes as he’s cooking and then proceeds to show the best way to perform the task. I also like that he, unlike some other Bluprint cooking hosts, really isn’t judgy about how people prefer their food. He says how he likes them and then mentions what to do if you like them differently. Overall, a very nicely made class.
The class is $40 for less than 90 minutes of content. I personally would say that it’s worth it, but I know there are those that will think it’s too little for the price. There is also one point that it gets windy where they are shooting and he’s a little bit harder to hear. I was able to understand him fine, but if you have hearing issues it might be more difficult. That being said, there are subtitles for the video.
Overall, a very solid class! I was very happy with it and plan to use one of my free monthly classes so I can keep it forever. If you are worried about the price, Bluprint does have coupons so you can wait. However, if you are considering purchasing this at the beginning of summer and have never grilled before, it’s very much worth the $40.
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Bluprint Mini-Review: The Midnight Quilt Show Season 1

Another mini review because the class isn’t very long. There are about 6 videos with a cumulative runtime of 40 minutes. In each video our host, Angela Walters, does a fast walkthrough of how to complete a specific quilt pattern. I thought the class was nice. The difficulty level was all over the place, but I managed to save a couple that looked easy enough for a beginner. There is a Youtube channel of the same name. It is the same show, but the videos in the first season aren’t on there. I wouldn’t say this class is enough to warrant a subscription, but it could certainly be a contributing reason.

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Finding Nemo Patterns


Doll (2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14   15   16   17   18   19   20

Chocolate Cover

Hat (2   3   4   5

Blanket (2   3   4   5   6

Baby Booties  (2   3   4    5   6   7

Cushion (2   3   4   5


Fishtail  (2   3   4   5




Granny Square

Tea Cozy




Doll (2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13 )

Hat (2 )


Fishtail (2   3   4 )



Baby Booties



Doll (2   3  )






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Bluprint Class Review: Jump Into Knitting

Jump Into Knitting is the kid’s version of the Knitting Start-up Library. It’s a far more pared-down version, lasting only 25 minutes in total.


The class really presents knitting at it’s most fundamental. It uses large props and yarn to demonstrate the steps of knitting and the hosts are enthusiastic. I would actually recommend this to adults who have anxiety about learning to knit. It’s a really light-hearted class that doesn’t take itself too seriously and still provides enough information to make your first scarf.


It is very much meant for kids. There’s a lot of attempts at humor, everything can be kind of over the top. To an adult, it can even come across as cringey. Also, you won’t get very far in knitting with the class. It tells you how to cast-on, knit stitch, bind off, and add pom-poms. Perfect for a child’s introduction to the class, but easy for anyone over the age of 12 to outgrow. That being said, I think it fits its age-range pretty well. To top everything off, it’s only for those who are subscribed to Bluprint, it’s not something you can buy online.


I honestly think it’s a fun class and a great introduction. It’s not exactly full of information and the delivery may grate on some nerves, depending on personality and age, but it’s a lovely, casual introduction to the craft that I think is good for children and the anxious alike.

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Bluprint Class Mini-Review: Off Our Needles

There are several seasons of this, but I only watched bits of season one. The hosts are engaging, I wish they had more classes or something separate I could follow them on. They are funny, entertaining, and fun to watch. Unfotunately, Off Our Needles started when Bluprint was still Craftsy and the show revolves around how Craftsy used to be. They have several segments, starting with a talk show feel and showing fun new products knitters might like. The other 50-75% of the show is devoted to the maker patterns that Craftsy used to host. So they will show off patterns you can know longer get and spend a good portion of their show, explaining a tricky part of the pattern. I’m sure it was great at the time, but it’s useless now.

Also, it seems that the videos didn’t make a great transition, because they end during whichever the last segment is, mid-sentence. Someone did not do a good job migrating this to the new system.

I’m not angry like I was in my last post, just kind of disappointed, because I would have liked this a lot if it were still relevant.