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So…I hate to do this, but….

Taking another break. I know, I know, it hasn’t been that long since my last one and I’m only putting out one post a week as it is. However, stuff in my life has really hit a crazy and stressful peak. I’m making some major life decisions and major life changes that involve a variety of aspects including, looking for a new job, moving, dropping out of grad school, and just generally figuring out what the fuck I’m doing. A lot of this is time consuming and requires a lot of work to prep and implement these changes. I’ll be gone until New Year’s Eve, but I will continue to write in the meantime and will comeback with plenty of posts.

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Knit’em All! Knitting Challenge

I’ve been really into Pokemon Go this summer and I’ve been thinking about how fun it would be to knit one of each for myself (or to giveaway) Now, typically toys are better reserved for crochet, but I don’t know how to crochet! So knitting patterns it is! I will probably make a crochet list later. For this challenge, I’m going to post it in parts. For now, we’re only going to focus on the Kanto region, which is the first 151 pokemon introduced. The good news is, for those who aren’t familar with pokemon, but want to make some for family or friends, most of the iconic pokemon are in this list. However, it is very likely that your family member or friend’s favorite pokemon won’t be featured for a while. So keep that in mind if your are looking for something specific.

For those of us who are just pokenerds, let the challenge begin! I must warn you, pokemon patterns for knitting aren’t nearly as pervasive as the ones for crochet. Some of these my not have a link for a long time and most may link to a paid pattern.

1. Bulbasaur
2. Ivysaur
3. Venusaur
4. Charmander  (Option 2)
5. Charmeleon
6. Charizard
7. Squirtle (Option 2   3   4)
8. Wartortle
9. Blastoise
10. Caterpie
11. Metapod
12. Butterfree
13. Weedle
14. Kakuna
15. Beedrill
16. Pidgey
17. Pidgeotto
18. Pidgeot
19. Rattata
20. Raticate
21. Spearow
22. Fearow
23. Ekans
24. Arbok
25. Pikachu (Option 2   3)
26. Raichu
27. Sandshrew
28. Sandslash
29. Nidoran♀
30. Nidorina
31. Nidoqueen
32. Nidoran♂
33. Nidorino
34. Nidoking
35. Clefairy
36. Clefable
37. Vulpix
38. Ninetales
39. Jigglypuff (Option 2)
40. Wigglytuff
41. Zubat
42. Golbat
43. Oddish
44. Gloom
45. Vileplume
46. Paras
47. Parasect
48. Venonat
49. Venomoth
50. Diglett
51. Dugtrio
52. Meowth
53. Persian
54. Psyduck (Option 2 3)
55. Golduck
56. Mankey
57. Primeape
58. Growlithe
59. Arcanine
60. Poliwag  (Option 2  3)
61. Poliwhirl
62. Poliwrath
63. Abra
64. Kadabra
65. Alakazam
66. Machop
67. Machoke
68. Machamp
69. Bellsprout
70. Weepinbell
71. Victreebel
72. Tentacool
73. Tentacruel
74. Geodude
75. Graveler
76. Golem
77. Ponyta
78. Rapidash
79. Slowpoke (Option 2)
80. Slowbro
81. Magnemite
82. Magneton
83. Farfetch’d
84. Doduo
85. Dotrio
86. Seel
87. Dewgong
88. Grimer
89. Muk
90. Shellder
91. Cloyster
92. Gastly
93. Haunter
94. Gengar
95. Onix
96. Drowzee
97. Hypno
98. Krabby
99. Kingler
100. Voltorb  (Option 2)
101. Electrode
102. Exeggcute
103. Exeggutor
104. Cubone
105. Marowak
106. Hitmonlee
107. Hitmonchan
108. Lickitung
109. Koffing
110. Weezing
111. Rhyhorn
112. Rhydon
113. Chansey
114. Tangela
115. Kangaskhan
116. Horsea
117. Seadra
118. Goldeen
119. Seaking
120. Staryu
121. Starmie
122. Mr. Mime
123. Scyther
124. Jynx
125. Electabuzz
126. Magmar
127. Pinsir
128. Tauros
129. Magikarp
130. Gyarados
131. Lapras
132. Ditto
133. Eevee
134. Vaporeon
135. Jolteon
136. Flareon
137. Porygon
138. Omanyte
139. Omastar
140. Kabuto
141. Kabutops
142. Aerodactyl
143. Snorlax
144. Articuno
145. Zapdos
146. Moltres
147. Dratini
148. Dragonair
149. Dragonite
150. Mewtwo
151. Mew

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Knitting Guild: Basics Basics Basics Class

I recently joined The Knitting Guild Association ( and part of their membership is that you are eligible for correspondence classes through their organization. I bought the Basics, Basics, Basics, course and recieved the PDFs. Wow! There is so much to learn and I am so excited about this! I’ll post some progress pictures (I think I’m going to start WIP Wednesdays) and I’d be interested to hear any of your questions or if you’ve done this class, any advice you can give.

On a separate note, I noticed you can make local guilds through their organization, part of me is tempted to maybe make a virtual guild? I don’t know if anyone would be interested though. The idea would be to have a video chat once a month or something where people wouldn’t have to leave their home in order ot participate, but maybe I’m alone in my homebody, mildly anti-social nature.

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Major Yarn Haul!

Okay, so there was a sale by a local fabricators group where I live. The sale was all donated items and ranged just about every craft you can imagine. Embroidery, sewing, knitting, crochet, needle point, etc, all of these were featured in the sale. The kicker? Yarn was $1 per POUND! Needless to say, I stocked up on crafting items.

I feel like finding a cave, putting all this yarn in a pile and just laying on it like a dragon. No one shall have my horde!