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Knitting Bag Review

So, about a month ago I was looking for an on-the-go knitting bag that I could take with me to union meetings. I didn’t want one of the utilitarian looking bags that deflate when there isn’t enough in them, but I didn’t want to shell out a ton of money either. Enter this bag:

It’s easily the most stylish bag I’ve found and it was in the same price range as the uglier bags. Plus, a lot of the bags I looked at were geared towards crocheters, this one, however, has pockets for knitting needles. Now that I’ve justified my purchase to myself and to you, let’s get on with the review.


Like I said before, it’s stylish. It also holds a ton of stuff. There’s a zipped pocket for knitting needles and notions, a second zipped pocket for miscellaneous items, a pocket that shuts by way of a magnetic clasp, and a big huge zipped pocket in the center. The center pocket is further subdivided into six compartments. five for yarn and a sixth down the center for larger items. There is so much space in the bag, but I don’t find it incredibly cumbersome. It’s really easy to throw my wallet and phone in the bag and use it as a purse as well as a knitting bag. The material seems durable, almost waterproof. It’s really easy to clean if you spill anything on it, but you could still get a stain on it if you aren’t careful.


There are these holes at the top of the center pocket for you to feed your yarn through while you keep the pocket itself zipped shut. The issue with this is that you are then tied to the bag until you are finished with the yarn and/or project. Some of you may not have a problem with this, but I’m a bit of a germophobe and I don’t want to take a bag that I’ve set on the floor in various public spaces to come into my prime knitting space, e.g. my bed. This is easily avoided though if you leave the pocket open.

Overall, this is a solid bag with lots of space and can easily double as a purse and I highly recommend it.

If you like it and want one for yourself, click below!

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Craftsy Class Review: Essential Skills for Sweater Knitting

Essential Skills for Sweater Knitting by Ann Hanson covers the basics of sweater knitting. The class covers the different types of sweaters, binding off and casting on for sweaters, choosing yarn, and assembling the garment.

Pros: The first few videos are really helpful when learning about the different types of sweaters and how to judge what is right for you. Hanson’s lesson on reading a sweater pattern is fairly extensive and you can really pick up some useful information. She seems knowledgeable about her craft and clearly has a love for knitting.

Cons: This class doesn’t really do anything for the newbie. It’s marketed as a beginner class, but it’s taught very much like someone talking to someone who has at least dipped their toes in the sweater making pool. Hanson’s entire class has an unfortunate tell-don’t-show method ingrained in it. My biggest qualm stems from the fact that she gives you a sweater pattern that is supposed to be the example for the class. Unfortunately, once you get past the pattern section, it’s practically forgotten. She goes through increasing with tiny swatches as she discusses issues to avoid. This just doesn’t work for beginners. Beginners need an in-depth row-by-row look at how to do something. Knit-alongs, in my opinion, are the best ways to learn a new knitting skill and I feel that this class markets that to you in the first lesson, only to fail in the delivery. There are two sections that actually irritated me. In the assemblage portion of the class, rather than use the sweater she uses in the class, she presents a child’s sweater. To add insult to injury, she only talks about sewing the pieces together rather than actually showing anything. And for the final portion of finishing…she grazes over it and she admits that she grazes over it. Her explanation is that there are great classes specifically on finishing…but this is a class on essential skills for sweater making! I would say finishing techniques are pretty damn essential!

Overall: The class isn’t worth your time or money. There are several sweater knitting class on Craftsy which I plan to watch. I can safely say that you will gain more from taking a gamble on those classes that investing any money in this one.